Naive Consciousness

Naive consciousness appears to itself as an elemental feature of reality, as fundamental as matter, and energy. But is it really? And if consciousness is not elemental, what are the implications for the place of logic and reason in our experience? and what are the implications for religion? Or maybe I just need to get […]

Fate Guffawed

Both our truck and our lawn mower are in the shop. Can’t say that I’m too distressed about the latter, but the former is an inconvenience. I was driving the truck to the store the other evening, and noticed that the battery light was on. I pulled into the parking lot, shut off the engine, […]

Hello blogosphere!

“Counter Intuitive, but not counter factual” – because that’s where the interesting stuff lies. “Strange but true” is somewhat synonymous, but too strong. “Surprising but true” is closer, but doesn’t quite have the same punch, does it? This won’t be an on-line diary, nor a political blog, science blog, book blog, music blog, nor any […]